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What is it: is an interactive virtual tour building and sharing site that allows you to create and share unique experiences online. More than a rotating panorama image, allows you to embed video, documents, photos and other content directly into images. The result is a content rich interactive online experience. can be shared via any social media and embedded onto any website with a simple line of code.

Business Opportunity: Leverage this new social media platform to build your own business – or add to your existing business. Sign up for a Provider Account to receive a wide range of value-added business upgrades, and get promoted on our site as one of our preferred Virtual Tour Artists.

As a Virtual Tour Artist & Provider you are an independent business owner with complete control over your own earning potential. You keep 100% of your of what you bill your clients to photograph and design their interactive virtual tours. You only pay a small monthly services fee (as low as $104.13/month) to Greater Than Technology for access to the system, resources and promotion. Be one of the first in your market to provide this unique and exciting service and cash in!

Business Consultants: Use your skills and experience to sell as a service, and we can help you access professional photographers and videographers in your area. As a Provider, we can even help you with every aspect of your business with our monthly business building webinars and advanced telephone support.

Photographers: Use your creative skills and photographic eye to create stunning interactive online experiences for your clients. Make a wedding album like no other or capture a news event or concert, complete with embedded videos, documents, web links and audio.

Videographers: Videographers have a completely different perspective on images, movement and how people interact with content. The ability to embed video into our tours is something that is unique in our industry, and videographers can leverage their unique skill set to offer their clients an enhanced and content rich video experience.

Insurance, home appraisers: Make the catalogue process easy for your clients – and yourself! Take 360 panorama shots of your client locations and embed detailed photos, appraisals, warranties and other information pertinent to your cases. is a unique visual document repository, and can be a value-added asset you offer your clients. Password protection and a host of privacy settings are available with each tour.

HR Professionals: provides a way for HR Professionals to stand out from the crowd. Virtual tours can be used to provide potential candidates with a window to experience an organizations corporate culture – before they apply. We've seen an increase in qualified applicants when our interactive virtual tours have been part of the recruitment plan.

Trainers / Educators: No matter the kind of learner, people learn best by 'doing'. interactive virtual tours can be used to create a rich, near 3D educational experience. Students can interact and discover content on their own and actively participate in their own learning discoveries.

Franchises: Completely turnkey your operation. not only can be an excellent marketing piece to your customers, but it can also be a great tool for your staff. Imagine a restaurant where viewers can learn about the menu, view tables and seating plans and see video welcome messages from the chef. A password protected link could take staff members to a training section, with videos explaining all systems and processes

Almost any industry can benefit from this unique technology: real estate, travel & tourism, museum & archives, art galleries, attractions & amusements, business & service clubs, environmental groups, event planners, collectors, hoteliers, schools & libraries, builders & developers, healthcare, traditional media, engineers, auto dealers, tourist attractions, sports and recreation centres, advertising and marketing agencies... the list is endless.

Profits for Non-Profits: can also be leveraged as a fundraising tool. Opportunities for organizations such as chambers of commerce, business improvement associations, and business networking groups exist to use this great tool as a membership benefit and revenue generator. Build tours to feature member businesses. In the case of Humane Societies, SPCAs, Habitat for Humanity, or organizations like Rotary clubs this tool can create an engaging experience that features the good work done by these and service organizations so website visitors can meet and see the places and people whose lives are impacted in a more personal and tangible way. This is a great way to feature the difference your organization makes and share it through social media. This is the type of content friends, family and colleagues will share with passion and drive a viral wave of interest back to your website.

Contact us and we can work together to reach your goals.

Account Details

 FreePremiumPremium +CorporateProvider
Storage Space500MB500MB2GB20GB2GB
Additional Storage SpaceNoNoYesYesYes
Number of User Accounts111up to 101
Sponsored Advertising Messages are removed from the tour player on your websiteNoYesYesYesYes
Promotion in Provider DirectoryNoNoNoNoYes
Online TutorialsYesYesYesYesYes
Monthly Tour Building WebinarsNoNoYesYesYes
Monthly Business Building WebinarsNoNoNoNoYes
Online SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Telephone SupportNoNoNoYesYes
Accounts associated with a Corporate account cannot be upgraded individually.
In order to upgrade your account to one of the options listed above you must first register and setup a free account. Once this is done you may upgrade your account at any time from your profile page.

* Price per month based on single annual payment at begining of term.


Get 500MB of storage, one user account and access to our online tutorials and support.


Remove the advertising from your account for just $20.79* per month. Premium accounts also get 500MB of storage, one user account and access to our online tutorials and support.

Premium +

Upgrade your storage space to 2GB and get access to free monthly tour building webinars for just $41.63* per month. Premium+ accounts are also ad free; one user account and access to our online tutorials and support.


Corporate accounts get access to 20GB of storage space and up to 10 user accounts, online and telephone technical support and access to monthly tour building tutorials. Corporate accounts are $208.29*per month, and are also free of advertising.


Become a Provider for as little as $208.29* per month with a $1500 set up fee, and receive 2GB of storage space, get promoted in our business directory of professional tour providers, receive access to monthly tour building webinars as well as business building webinars and access to our online and telephone technical support.

*prices based on an annual membership. See the Register page for details.