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Come take a tour of the Best Public Golf Course in BC! (ScoreGolf 2009) Tobiano is located at 38 Holloway Drive, Kamloops, BC (50.734846, -120.693773). Golf at Tobiano is unlike golf anywhere else in the world. Award-winning Canadian golf architect Thomas McBroom used his entire palette in designing a course like no other. The site of the historic Six Mile Ranch has been transformed from rugged bench lands into a golf course that is as visually captivating as it is thrilling to play. With five par 5s — including the spectacular 8th, the No. 1 handicap hole — eight par fours highlighted by the elegant necklace of holes 4, 5 and 6, and five par 3s that will inspire the shot maker in each player, from the dramatic first tee to the undulating 18th green, Tobiano is unforgettable. For further information call the course (250)-434-5858 or email either of our two resident CPGA golfers Stephen Connor or Dion Sirianni to book tee times or just talk golf. SCOREGolf's Top 100 - Tobiano ranks 16 in Canada. In our first year of being eligible for the national ranking of Canada's top private and public golf courses, Tobiano received rave reviews from SCOREGolf's 102 panellists as it debuted into the prestigious Top 100 in 16th position. Tobiano was the highest-ranking public golf course in B.C., and the 6th highest public course in Canada! Tobiano was also rated 8th in the Top 15 Modern Courses in Canada (1960 - present).

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